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Fundamentals -­‐ Create Your Store Physical Product System

Fundamentals -­‐ Create Your Store Physical Product System

Create Your Store " Hey everybody, its Ma1 Schmi1 here, and we're going to be seting up your shopify store here in this video, just ge:ng you started, so lets talk about it real quick. We're going to use the link that I provided to get yourself a 14 day free trial of shopify, get yourself in there, get everything set up, and then you can actually acGvate it in plenty of Gme and not worry about ge:ng billed or anything before we get to actually having the store ready and set up for us. We're going to enter our informaGon and create the important documents, install your apps, which, I want you to watch the apps video where I recommend a handful of apps that you should be installing for your store, and then the structure of your store, as far as the pages and everything like that, we're going to reverence the MVP video. That's also in the ge:ng started secGon. Lets go over the shoulder real quick. I went to shopify.com here. You just enter your e-­‐mail here, create yourself a password and then we're going to talk about a store here. Going to do... There we go. That's just my store name there. You have an online store, and you want to enter your info here. There we go. You can say if you're already selling, that's perfectly fine. Whatever you want to put in here, I don't even think they require it so lets just go ahead and skip it over. Then you're going to be in your store. Right now what I want to talk about are the important things that you need to install... I'm sorry, that you need to upload, as far as informaGon for your page and for a lot of trust factors that people are going to look for.

We're going to talk about your terms of service, your return policy and things like that. I'm going to go over here into the se:ngs, but we're first going to go with your legal name here, if you have a business, that's where I put my business informaGon, and I'd obviously update this with all of the correct informaGon. This right here is your Gme zone, that's going to help you get something and establish as far as when the clock turns over for you, and the day. Your default weight here is also there, that's going to involve with your shipping. You can basically skip over any of this stuff, I've never edited that. Then we want to go to payments, and you want to complete your shopify payments here, that's going to ask you for a handful of things. Its powered by stripe. I have a couple of stores that just use this and they do very well. If you want though you can add in paypal here. You can add that, Ge it in with your paypal account, whatever it is. That will get you the opGon for paypal when your customers are checking out, which as an opGon will generally be probably 30 plus percent of your checkouts. Does that mean that those check outs wouldn't be there otherwise? I'm not enGrely sure, but as an opGon a lot of people do prefer it. You can also do amazon payments, which is something very interesGng that I'm going to start using very soon, because amazon is very trusted. Amazon and shopify are ge:ng closely connected in a lot of ma1ers. There are a handful of other payments, including I think bitcoin is in here. If that's what you want to do you can set all of those up. Check out wise, we want to do accounts are disabled. If you really want to you can set that up, I don't want that opGon just because I want the smoothest checkout possible. I would do your last name only, its not very important for you to have their full name. You just want their e-­‐mail address obviously. You can have their first and last name if you so choose, you don't need the company name, its opGonal. You can do the second line if you want. Phone number, I wouldn't require it, a lot of people don't like to give away their phone numbers.

You might have some suppliers that request a phone number, what I would do is work with them and see if you can get past that. If you really need something, I would set something up for yourself, so that you can handle any errors that get associated with delivery or anything like that. That's it for that secGon. Order processing, the only thing I like to do in this secGon is make sure I have automaGcally archived order, when it has been fulfilled and paid. I would check that box, I like having that because its very clean as far as somebody on my staff, or myself if I'm doing it early on in my store, once I fulfill it then it archives and it gets off the list of things to fulfill. Its a two set process, not the biggest deal in the world, but it does save you a li1le bit of Gme. AddiGonal content and scripts, this is where you're going to put your check out pixel, your trackify coding, any kind of conversion pixel for adware, any kind of conversion pixel for pintrest or... not instagram, because that would be the facebook conversion pixel. Any kind of conversion pixel will go where, and that's going to help you track your sales once they hit the check out screen. That's what that's for. Here is a bunch of informaGon that you need to set up and its even be1er if you are able to have these pages available for people, and we'll talk about a li1le bit of that. You want to just generate a sample here. That's all I've ever used, because I think its sufficient. Its going to include your address, so if you want people to know where you're coming from or if you need to change that, that's going to be the address that you use to set up the store. I have a P.O. box for my business, so that's what's listed there. I wouldn't want my home address, just FYI, I wouldn't want my home address on that, because you just never know with people out there. That is it for that. Make sure that you have your business name and your store and your address the way that it is before your press these, if not then you have to come back in here and search and update everything. Just an FYI there. Make sure that you save something. You can also copy these and set up pages.

What I recommend is that you copy this right here, come over to next door, pages, you have an about  us as a front page and so forth. What we're going to do is do privacy policy, and do that. Its going to put it in a separate place in the store, but what it will do is give you a URL where people can search for your store/ privacy policy. And there are people out there who will read this. I would do the same thing with your refund policy and your terms of service, and then I would link to these pages in your footer. Overall, that's just good pracGce. It looks good for search engine opGmizaGon, it looks good for being compliant for facebook, and so on and so forth. Let's go back to the se:ngs. Shipping is where we are going to have a lot of work to do here, especially if you're doing different sized items. What I like to do is have certain items weight certain amounts. Necklaces... if you're doing like a free plus shippping, lets go ahead and just do one. So instead of heavy goods shipping, I would say shipping and handling. For like a necklace you could do point one... point one. And then whatever your shipping and handling is, say its 9.95, you can do ahead and have that. One item, if it weights exactly point one, whatever they're checking out with if it weights exactly point one, it'll be 9.95 shipping and handling. Now, obviously, you're going to have to set up a lot of different shipping rates here. Its going to be a li1le big Gme intensive here, but once you get up to the bigger items you won't have to worry so much about it. There's another reason why I only have one lead item, that's lower or special priced or something, like free plus shipping, where I would have a special price as well, because what I am doing is not allow them to take me to the farm with free plus shipping. PotenGally what I would do is have all of my free plus shipping items be point one through point nine. They could buy a maximum of that range, but then the shipping's going to be more and more and more. My shirts and all of my full retail items are going to be one pound and above. The shipping for those is going to be lower. This is why when you get into the apps video we're going to talk about maxify so that you can limit the number of items that are bought for a single necklace or shirt or whatever in your store.

 That way nobody can buy twenty five or thirty free plus shipping necklaces and they only pay 4.95 shipping and handling. That's the kind of thing you need to take into account and work out with your shipping rates. I would do .1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7., .8, .9, having more and more shipping rates if you're doing the free plus shipping model, and then having .1 to .19 be 4.95 and then so on and so forth all the way up so that you can charge a li1le bit more for each shirt or full retail item. We also have more margin on those items. If you do do a necklace, like a free plus shipping necklace and a shirt, the 4.95 is going to take care of the price of the free item, and then we'll make our profit on the margin of the actual high price retail item. That's just what you want to figure out there. Take into account your internaGonal shipping. IntenGonal shipping is always more. Just make sure you're not ge:ng taken to the farm here in terms of paying too much. Your internaGonal shipping is probably going to be more than your US shipping as well. Just make sure you know what that is and then you can make a li1le margin in there, a lot of people do, or just have them transfer the cost over to the customer. I don't mess with any of the other stuff over in here, but its very important that you set that up before you drive traffic. Taxes, you don't have to include taxes in your prices. Shopify will automaGcally take into account taxes for anybody that buys on your site who lives in the same state as you. Take that into consideraGon, but I would also consult with somebody, your tax accountant, to make sure you're 100 per cent compliant, because I can't speak to the tax law wherever you are. NoGficaGon wise, do what you want to do here. You can get noGficaGons to your app, if you have a mac you can also set that up. Files, I've never touched. Account, here is where you can add some people. This is where I add all of my staff members. You can click on somebody and give them limited accounts, you probably can't do it on this one. If I was to add somebody I could limit their access. If I have a fulfillment house I can limit them just to the orders or the se:ngs or whatever they need. If I have a print shop I can get them just the certain item.

Nobody has full control of your site other than you. Make sure you do that and set up your correct informaGon there. You can set up somethings for google. Your invoices for shopify will show up here. You can also close your store that you don't want to be doing, but you can get some help with shopify as well there. Your store, once you pick a plan, I would go with the 29 dollars per month plan ge:ng started, you really don't have to go too aggressive. This is what all my stores are on now, mostly because I need the reporGng feature, where you can see what's sold and where and much more data on everything here. Its a li1le bit more, so just make sure that you are starGng here and then working your way up. You want to go back to this, and then unlock your store once this is here. Google analyGcs, if you know what to do here this is where this goes. You can do a li1le bit of SEO descripGons here, and help you out there as well. Here is where you're going to install all of your apps, I want you to watch the app video for that. You also can get a theme by going to the theme store. Just look for something, watch the MVP model first. When ge:ng started its not important that you go out and spend a bunch of money on a theme. I'll be straight up honest with you, if you have a theme that comes recommended from somebody else that's amazing, mine was custom coded, cost a whole lot of money, but you know, that was something I needed in my business to be done. What you need to do is just find something that looks appealing, and then when you're doing the MVP model its not all that important that you have an elaborate theme right off the bat. Bring some money into your store and then go out and get yourself a good quality theme that's going to boost your conversion rates from there, but you have to spend a li1le bit of money to get there. That's just something to take into consideraGon. Domains, this is where you're going to... You can buy a new domain. I just go through my hosGng company, I have godaddy, buy a domain there. Then go over and add in the exisGng domain. Type in your domain and then follow shopify's instrucGons for whatever hosGng account that you're on. They have great informaGon for whatever hosGng account that you're on as far as how to set that up, and that'll help you get that going. That way its not teststore at myshopify.com. Its you know, Ma1's store .com, and so on and so forth. That is it, go over to the MVP model to understand the structure of your store, that's where we're going to be talking about the pages and the modificaGon. This is where you'd modify both of those things. One of the things... If you do have plans of doing your blog that's great, otherwise I'd recommend that you get rid of the blog and then follow the rest. Pre1y simple to do to, and then modify it just like I say in that video. The apps video, like I said, back over here, go ahead and install your apps, and make sure you follow the links that I have for those. That is it, hope to see you in the next video, take care.

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