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Fundamentals -­‐ Listing Your Products Physical Product System

Fundamentals -­‐ Listing Your Products Physical Product System Bonus By Rachel Rofé, Stephanie Henry, Keith Dougherty, and Don Wilson Fundamentals -­‐ Lis/ng Your Products " All right everybody in this video what we're going to be doing is ge5ng our product listed onto Shopify. We're going to go over the shoulder and actually show you how to do that lis=ng however right now I just want to talk about a few points that are going to help you posi=on your product, make sure that people know exactly what it is they're purchasing and then make sure that they actually know the op=ons that they have to also purchase in case they want to buy a different color or something like that. We want to find great product images to use, preferably from different angles. If you have a necklace, what does that necklace look like from the leF? What does it look like from the right? What does it look like on a woman's neck? Things like that will help you increase conversions because people can then visualize it a lot beJer in their mind than just a straight forward view of that product. We also want to show op=ons. Do you have different colors? Is the necklace silver? Is it gold? Does the t-­‐shirt come in a hoodie and a long sleeve? These op=ons we want to make sure that we're lis=ng on our page in terms of pictures and also op=ons in our drop down, that way people have a clear understanding what it is exactly their going to purchase.

Then we want to remove watermarks. I say this because I see a lot of ads and product lis=ngs with the watermark currently there. Now I know what that is, you just downloaded a photo from a lis=ng somewhere and then put it on your site. That's not what I want you to do, my listener, because that is not what a real business will do. You can have a watermark removed if you have a designer or if you have RachelRofe.com Page D2 somebody that's familiar with Photoshop. Contact your supplier, see if it's okay for them and maybe they even have a photo that you can use however you want to remove a watermark because no one's going to believe that that's for the integrity of the product that you own. It kind of looks a liJle cheesy to me so I wanted to address that right now. Give descrip=ve text and use a Call of Ac=on on the descrip=on page. If you're familiar with lis=ng products you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're new to this I'm going to go over it so you have an understanding of what I'm talking about. We're going to list a product on the Products tab. You're going to hit add product and you're going to have a =tle. Here I want to make sure that it's very clear. What did you put on your ad, right? If you had Nurse Hoodie, if that's what your ad was then that's you put in the =tle here. You're basically making sure that it's congruent because it's kind of a theory that people come, they see one things and then they lead them to the next thing, so they're kind of walking through. They're going to hit the ad descrip=on, look at what they're about to purchase and then come to the page and then look for the =tle. "Hey, oh yeah I'm in the right place." Even if it's on their subconscious level they're doing it. The image is just as important. Whatever you use for your ad image, if you had a black hoodie on your ad image you have the black hoodie as the main item listed on your page here. If you have a black hoodie on your ad and a red hoodie on the landing page there's a slight disconnect even if at the subconscious level a red flag will be raised and "Hey I'm not in the right spot." Then you have a place and an opportunity for someone to back off and not purchase and that's not what we want. We want them to purchase so congruency all the way through from ad to landing page to checkout is an important feature of your store that must be done so a nurse hoodie or whatever you had, that's perfectly fine. Here tell them why it's unique again. We talked about this in the ad descrip=on and in placing our ads. Why is your product so important for them to purchase immediately? Are you a nurse? Then get this RachelRofe.com Page D3 limited edi=on Christmas nurse hoodie today. You can add a liJle bit more to that. Here would be available to be purchased by PayPal, card, so on and so forth. You're just giving them trust. If people say PayPal, they see their credit card they're going to be "Oh I can pay for this. I can trust this place." Here if it's true, made in the USA. That just give a liJle bit of a good feeling for a lot of people, only if it's true of course. Then finally a call to ac=on, so hit the Buy buJon below to purchase yours. That is if you have a buy buJon, you might have an Add to Cart buJon. If you have an Add to Cart buJon let's talk about that, so hit the Add to Cart to get, because they're not buying their adding to cart, to get yours. You see what I did there? They add to cart, they're not actually buying it if they add to the cart but they're on their way there so you don't use the word purchase and the word add to cart at the same =me. It's just a liJle bit of congruency that we're talking about here again. That's something that we use, that depends on the theme that you're currently using. You could also hit Claim It Now and we will send you yours ASAP, something like that. If you have a Claim It Now, if it's a free plus shipping item you can also use that. Your ad image is where you're going to want to upload as many of the ad images as possible. This is also going to be a basically a dump of all the different types of whatever item this is so if you have a silver necklace, a gold necklace, whatever, it's all going to go in here. Then you want to make sure that your lead item is there as well. That's just a simple upload of your images. Here's your price. What I like to do is, if I have a shirt, I'm lis=ng it for 19.95 I want to go for 24.95 at the compared price. Just give them a liJle feeling it's a liJle extra opportunity that Shopify gives you to make sure that they feel like they are ge5ng a deal here and again we're trying to get people to buy out of impulse so they need to know that they have a deal. Charges taxes on products, you're naturally going to get taxes charges on anybody that buys in the same state, if you're from the States, as you but you don't need to charge taxes on the product. Please check with your local accountant or whoever you have to make sure RachelRofe.com Page D4 that you are doing what's appropriate for your loca=on. I don't do the inventory. A lot of my stuff is [arbitrage 00:07:15] so I don't have any inventory. Once you get to the inventory level if you really wanted to you could start tracking inventory and so say I bought a thousand and I got it shipped to my fulfillment house then I can actually have a thousand here listed and it would count down to zero giving a liJle bit of scarcity for people and then also no=fying me if I needed to buy more if I was low in an item. Then this product does require shipping so here's the weight. This is where you're going to go, if it's a free plus shipping, if you did what I told you in the other video, free plus shipping here is that's the weight that you would use and then here's the weight for, say a t-­‐shirt or a full retail item. It's important that you understand that your store is going to be different than mine so let's go ahead and map out something that's perfect for what you are selling. If you have different op=ons and variables just calculate out what it takes. It shouldn't be that hard. I did give you something that will be useful for you if you're doing a free plus shipping and then retail items and then we're okay with them buying a handful of those items and a retail item and paying only the smaller amount of shipping that you designate for a full retail item which I recommend that you do. That is it for that. Then you want to add variance here. This is where you're going to add your sizes and your colors. If you have a size, like small, large, so on and so forth you can do that. Add another op=on here, here's color, you got black, gray, so on and so forth. Add another op=on, material, stainless steel, so on. You can customize this. I have done that for [same 00:09:02] style and then you can have whatever you want here, long chain, short chain. We sold this one thing that had a short chain or a long chain for a liJle bit but you could really put anything here you need to iden=fy and make it easier for your customer to purchase from you. You can assign different SKUs which are useful for searching in your orders so if you went to your orders tab you could search on a SKU number so if I had 001 I can search for all the 001s or 001 necklace, I RachelRofe.com Page D5 would put numbers and leJers together, formed into something because eventually when you have thousands and thousands of customers you're actually going to have, happens and it just happens all the =me, where no maJer what I would do I would have, somebody somehow would have their name or something would ring up for the same exact SKU number as what I had, in their address or in their phone number or something and then more than one will pop up and your search kind of gets null and void here so we want to make sure that we're combining something very unique and that gives you an ability to look for that later on. That is it. You're going to save the product and then your product can be live on the store and you can start driving traffic to it. That's it for this video. That will get you started and then we're going to go in to start running ads and making you some money. See you in the next video. RachelRofe.com Page D6

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